Home Staging Career Consultation

Schedule a 1-on-1 call with SLS Academy CEO and Founder, Shauna Lynn Simon, and get answers to your questions about getting started in a career in home staging, the home staging industry, next steps, or anything else that’s holding you back from starting your dream career.

Let’s face it, you’re full of questions… and it’s terrifying

Starting a business from scratch is scary. Quitting your full-time job? Even scarier. And hiring your first contractor or employee… too scary to contemplate!

But if you know you have the heart of an entrepreneur, then you know in your bones that feeling scared and uncomfortable means one thing: Growth.


Get answers to questions like these

  • “I want a career in home staging but I’m not sure where to start”
  • “I want to be a home stager but I have zero business experience”
  • “Will I still have enough time for my kids?”
  • “I don’t think there is a market for home staging in my area, what do I do?”
  • “How do I transition from my full-time job to home staging?”
  • “How do I earn a steady and predictable income from home staging?” 
  • “How much money do I need to get started?”
  • “Do I need inventory? *panics* I can’t afford that!!!”
  • “Can a designer transition into a home stager?”
  • “How do I build a portfolio when I have no experience?”
  • “I love staging homes, but hate selling, what do I do?”