An open letter to home stagers who are juggling like crazy 

I’m going to tell you something you definitely already know.

Running a home staging business is hard work. 

And while staging is at the core of that hard work, you also have sales, finances, inventory management, client management, providers, hiring, and a million things competing for your attention.

I’m not going to tell you that online training is going to take everything off your plate. We’re not into quick fixes. But what it can do is streamline your entire operation.

You will finally be able to implement (and stick to) long-lasting strategies that grow your business for years to come. 

What our students are saying

SLS Academy’s on-demand training courses, templates, checklists, and other resources have been used by hundreds of professional stagers.


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“Quite literally one of the best investments I’ve made in my business”

– Jennifer Haartman

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“I love all of your courses. So informative and straightforward with how to implement into my own business.”

Jami Sparling

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“I’ve taken training with multiple, excellent, staging trainers and for me, [SLS Academy’s] training is by far the most direct and easy to understand.“

– Catherine A Morrow

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“Thank you for all your guidance and information. This experience has been truly inspiring and it has ignited something inside of me to create great and beautiful things!

– Jeanette Soscia

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“I am very happy with the material provided — it’s comprehensive and well-organized. I’ve been staging for over 10 years but still found extra value to add for staging clients.”

– Amy Bly

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“I have purchased everything from SLS Academy offers from completing their RESP certification to the webinars — and every single one is excellent.”

– Nicole Schenk

The best home staging courses, created for motivated & forward-thinking businesses.

These resources are designed to teach you EXACTLY how to achieve your financial, productivity, and time-management goals as a home stager. Whatever your growth plan includes, we’ve got you covered.

Turn Your Agents into Your Sales Team

FREE video training

Never hear “my client didn’t want staging” again, when you arm your agents with fail-proof responses to any push-back their homeowners might give them when it comes to staging their home!

In their latest product release, Shauna Lynn and Tori cover exactly this in an in-depth video training session, and they’re giving you a sneak peek and free access to this 20 min video.

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    Business Builders Training Centre

    Includes live video training, live discussion replays, templates, worksheets, eBooks, webinar replays, private Facebook group access, and exclusive offers on SLS products.

    This training centre is the go-to community for professional stagers. Join us “Inside the Vault” Facebook group where Shauna Lynn hosts a LIVE video discussion every Thursday at 2pm ET.

    Plus in your first month receive USD $50 worth of FREE resources:

    • Understanding the Business of Staging Vol 1 Ebook: Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Services & Pricing (includes worksheets)
    • Home Staging Inventory Ebook: To Own or Not To Own (includes templates)
    • Webinar replay: 6 things I wish I knew
    • Plus so much more!

    SPECIAL OFFER:  Save USD $10 on your first month’s subscription! Or join yearly to save 10%.

    Business of Staging Course

    Includes video training, templates, cheatsheets & checklists

    Everything you need to launch and grow your business from start to finish. Broken down into bite-sized videos. An excellent kickstart if you’re new to running a business and comprehensive enough to support you as you grow.

    • Business plans and structures
    • Plan for growth while maintaining cash flow
    • Identify and outline your company policies
    • How to attract clients with marketing and networking
    • Pricing, contract, and all paperwork
    • Includes FREE lifetime membership to the Business Builders Training Centre

    Webinar Replay All Access Pass

    Includes all webinars ever recorded

    Unlock ALL of SLS Academy’s webinar replays. Get instant access to 30+ recorded webinars collectively worth over a thousand dollars. Included is future access to every new webinar that we record!

    Training covers a variety of topics including how to build a powerhouse team, hold consultations that upsell your services, how to build partnerships with real estate agents, wholesale buying secrets, productivity hacks, and more!

      Systems Unlocked

      Systems Unlocked

      Includes video training, templates, checklists, swipe files & in-course discussion

      Are you running a business, or is your business running you?

      It’s time to take control as the CEO of your business. In this course, we take you step-by-step through creating the systems that you need to operate your business effectively and efficiently. Whether you are running your business solo or leading a team, this training will ensure that you have the tools you need to take back your time.

      • Client Onboarding & Communication – Set and meet expectations and move confidently forward with projects. Get the “yes” with an effective system behind you
      • Task & Time Management – Maximize your time to work less and make more (more productivity = more revenue).
      • Critical Systems Management – how to create business systems that work
      • Standard Operating Procedures – What they are, why you need them, and how to create, execute and communicate them effectively.
      • Marketing Strategy Management – Create an effective marketing strategy and evaluate new marketing opportunities for your business.

      Client Care Package

      *BESTSELLER!* Includes fully customizable word document templates & video training

      Enhance almost every aspect of your consults by giving your clients information that’s clear and easy to understand.

      • 16 Templates for owner-occupied clients including FAQs, cleaning checklists, get ready for a showing, and more.
      • 9 Templates for vacant home clients including vacant FAQs, preparing your vacant home for staging, and more.
      • Video tutorials on how to use the client care package to upsell your services and increase profits.

      You get lifetime access!

      We guarantee that you’ll have lifetime access to your training resources*. This means you will receive every update or addition free of charge. Forever.

      * Excludes the Business Builder Training Centre subscription.

      See what’s inside your training risk-free

      No-nonsense answers to frequently asked questions.

      You have a 7-day money-back guarantee

      We’re confident that any practicing stager will find these resources so valuable that we’re happy to offer you a 7-day money-back guarantee (see the fine print here). If you sign up and don’t like what you see, we’ll be happy to refund you in full. All you have to do is pop us an email. 

      Get support on your home staging journey

      If you have a question while completing the training or customizing one of our templates, simply reach out to We’re here to help with any sort of query — there are no wrong questions.

      Book a free 20-minute call with Shauna Lynn 

      We all need some stager-to-stager advice. Shauna Lynn will help you identify how to best grow your existing business. This isn’t a sales pitch, it’s more of a discovery session with real, actionable advice. Book your call here.

      There are bundles to SAVE!

      We’ve built some winning training combos that will give you the best bang for your buck. Check them out here.

      Teams get some pretty neat perks

      You can grab some great bonuses when you purchase a team package of our flagship certification course. Plus we throw in $1000+ worth of employer resources. Check it out here.

      Some more kind words from our students

       ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

      “I was blown away by all the resources provided. [SLS Academy] is a no-brainer if you need to get organized and set up for success “

      – Melissia Crab

       ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

      I have been staging for nearly 3 years and I wish I had this information then. It is easy to understand and the templates saved me countless hours of work. I highly recommend [SLS Academy’s courses] to any stager looking to update their information, databases, and customer service.

      – Donna Warner

       ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

      “I love that Shauna unselfishly lines out step-by-step everything you need to do so that nothing is left to chance. thank you for sharing your knowledge with other newbies like myself who would not know how to achieve this. “

      – Melissa Kelly

      Explore All of SLS Academy’s Continuing Education Resources

      We’ve created plenty of training videos and resources to assist you with more specific business areas such as consultations, in-person workshops, virtual services, and more.