Home Staging Coaching

Tailored 1-on-1 coaching sessions with an award-winning home stager and SLS Academy founder Shauna Lynn Simon.

In the first two years of running my home staging business, I almost failed. I was working part-time, home staging was unheard of in my area, and I had no focus or clarity. 

Skip forward to today I’ve become the biggest and best staging business in my area and supported hundreds of entrepreneurs in reaching their business goals along the way. 

In high school, I was ridiculed for doing anything that was different. As an adult, I’m praised for my bravery. Don’t be afraid to be yourself – discover your inner strength and thrive in the comfort of being you – there’s no one else out there that can do that.

 – Shauna Lynn Simon

Who is Home Staging Coaching For?

Think of 1-on-1 coaching sessions like concentrated master classes in motivation and action. These sessions work with your personal goals and address your bottlenecks so you can face every day with confidence and clarity.

What you get: 

1. Detailed career guidance
2. Personalized home staging training and feedback
3. Getting bigger and better clients
4. How to scale your business

If you are a new stager (or just want to take your business to the next level) Shauna Lynn Simon can help you!! […] Her one-on-one strategy sessions are incredible—a 20 minute session will not only inspire you but also give you a lot of workable ideas just for your business. Thanks Shauna for all your help!!

Maggie Setler

Very comprehensive, generous with time and candid in sharing information. She quickly established what my issues were and formulated a program of what I need to do to move my business forward. I am working on the Conquering the Consult program. Lots of key learnings. I have a lot of work to do!

Susan Dell

How It Works

Coaching is a relationship, and that means we need to get to know each other. When you click the button below, we start with a free, no-obligation, 30-minute call. 

During this session, I evaluate your needs and goals to see if we’re a good match and give you some fast, actionable feedback on your current situation. 

Even the best business owners have mentors and coaches guiding them

When your next step is uncertain, or the stress starts to overwhelm you, it’s time to reach out for support. That’s where I come in. These coaching sessions are designed to transform your business from the ground up.

Pricing So You Get Paid What You Deserve

Getting more clients, more consistently

Controlling your expenses, cash flow, and inventory

Scaling your business and growing your team

Marketing and networking with real estate agents

Handling client objections without getting flustered

What To Expect

Working on the Details

No one said building a business would be easy. Coaching means you will waste less time and stay focused on big-impact adjustments. That said, you will still need to set aside time to take action if you want to reach your goals.

Business Building and Growth

It can be difficult to view your own business objectively. Our sessions help you identify potholes and quickly correct bad habits with a solid course of action. You will know exactly what you should be doing to build and grow your business and why.

Commitment-Orientated Goals

Coaching only works if you believe in and respect the process that it takes to properly build a prosperous business. You will follow long-term solutions and accountability milestones that take you to a happier and wealthier future.

The direct contact with Shauna Lynn and her valuable resources helped me build my business. It helped being able to chat with someone who is well versed in home staging…My experience was fantastic. I would definitely consider coaching again from Shauna Lynn in the future.

Patricia Stockie-Abdallah

Simplicity Home Staging & Design

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