Upcoming SLS Academy Webinar - May 16, 2023

with Joké Durojaiye (15K followers)

Growing on Instagram

With over 3 billion active social media users worldwide, standing out and growing your following can be a daunting task.
Our guest host, Joké Durojaiye has managed to organically amass an impressive following of 15K on her Instagram account.
How did she do it?
Through a combination of strategy, creativity, and persistence, she’s learned the ins and outs of Instagram and is now ready to share her secrets with you.
Whether you’re just starting out or looking to take your social media game to the next level, Joké’s expertise and experience will provide valuable insights and actionable tips for achieving success on Instagram.
So if you’re ready to unlock the potential of this powerful social media platform and join the ranks of successful influencers and businesses, join us for our upcoming webinar on Instagram growth.

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What You Will Learn


How to define your social media goal to target the right audience


How to align your Instagram account to your goals for more followers


How to create content that gets engagement


Tips, Tricks, And Techniques for Growth

About Joké Durojaiye

Prior to launching Genesis Home Staging in 2018, I was a licensed Real Estate Broker in the State of Washington. My experience teaching home-buying classes, touring homes with home buyers, and working with homeowners in the process of getting homes ready for the market; gave me an insight into the art and psychology of marketing a home. Helping sellers emotionally disconnect and see their home as a product with staging as a marketing tool on one hand. And, using design to tell stories that tug at buyers’ heartstrings, compelling them to make an offer.

My work ethic was shaped by my early years growing up in Lagos, Nigeria, where I was surrounded by inspiration, with an expectation of nothing less than excellence. It was not a spoken expectation but rather a modeled one from a Hotel Chef mom and a Chartered Accountant dad along with countless role models and mentors that I am very grateful for. My education and experience in Business Administration, Human Resources, Graphic/Web Design, and Real Estate all combine into building a thriving business, making six figures in its first year and 100+% Year Over Year revenue growth.

As a high-level process and system designer of how things work, I have developed an ever-evolving proprietary system and formula of the art and business of starting, running, and growing a successful home staging business. A formula that I now offer as an instructor on the faculty of an Interior Design School based in my home country Nigeria. I find joy and fulfillment in creating a new initiative of home staging in Nigeria; coaching and mentoring a new crop of designers on how to create a career making a living in a new industry.