When over 400 people are laughing at you…

by Shauna Lynn Simon, CEO SLS Academy

A story from our President, Shauna Lynn:

At RESACON Las Vegas earlier this year, I was asked to assist by providing a microphone to audience members that wanted to ask our keynote speaker, the amazing Sabrina Soto, questions. This was great exercise for me in a room of over 400 people eager to ask Sabrina their most pressing questions! I ran from table to table, and logged a bunch of steps on my new Fitbit Blaze.

Sabrina Soto, RESACON 2017

Sabrina Soto, Keynote Speaker at the RESA Convention 2017 in Las Vegas, M Resort

I LOVE to mix patterns and styles, and I do this both with my designs, and my own personal style. While many have often commented that I am fashionable, I would never say that I am trendy – instead I have a tendency to wear what I want, and am frequently told by others that they could never wear what I’m wearing. That’s fine – they don’t have to :). I buy items that are on sale because no one wants them, and mix and match to make something that suits me.

Shauna Lynn Simon, RESACON 2017

Shauna Lynn Simon, SLS Academy President, at RESA Convention Las Vegas, M Resort

So when Sabrina was asked what style/trend she saw on it’s way out (I believe the precise question was “what style/trend do you wish would just die?”), she answered without hesitation – “Chevron”. Of course, I’m standing next to the person who asked the question, and I couldn’t help but look down at my skirt. Those at the tables close to us immediately saw what I saw…my chevron skirt. They began to laugh…as did the tables around them, and the next thing that I knew, the entire audience was laughing! Poor Sabrina hid behind the podium, feeling perhaps a little as though she may have answered just a little too quickly. Little did she know that I was laughing along with everyone else, and it’s safe to say that most who attended her talk will remember me long after!

After her talk, I had a number of people approach me to apologize on behalf of the crowd, and tell me how bad they felt for me. To be honest, I was stunned! I had no idea what they meant, but soon realized that they were embarrassed for me for being called out on my choice of attire. I reassured them that I was no worse for wear , and that I had had a truly awesome day – Sabrina Soto gave me a memorable moment that I will cherish for years to come, along with my chevron skirt (which still gets lots of use). I met up with Sabrina, and thanked her for her candor, and we enjoyed a good laugh. I explained to her that it would take a lot more to hurt my feelings.

Shauna Lynn Simon and Sabrina Soto

Shauna Lynn Simon and Sabrina Soto

The moral? Be yourself, and most importantly, don’t forget to laugh at yourself now and again…sometimes we can be our best entertainment!


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